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KnChicken is a restaurant specializing in Deep Fried Chicken and Tteokbokki.

Our name KnChicken means Korean Food and Fried Chicken. We are making Korean food with deep fried chicken of various flavors. The most popular tteokbokki among Korean foods is rice cake, which is much more delicious when eaten with various ingredients.

We are continuously searching and developing the menu that customers want. We’ve been making a lot of new menus. We hope to eat our chicken and food and become more interested in Korean food. We look forward to seeing you!

Featured Menu

Trio Chicken
(Choose 3Flavors)

It’s a family size, and you can choose three flavors from the sauce. If you choose between original, sweet spicy, sweet soy, spicy garlic, volcano, and butter garlic, you can taste three flavors in one box.

Regular Tteokbokki
[Combo C]

There are three types of tteokbokki combo. Combo C is a set of tteokbokki, original chicken, and side dishes
(Sweet Potato Croquettes or Self-Rice Balls).

Chicken Teri-Mayo Rice Bowl

Chicken teri-mayo rice bowl is a menu you can enjoy rice and chicken at once. The combination of rice, fried chicken, and teri-mayo sauce is very good. It’s perfect for one serving.

Dine In
Pick Up

We offer both dine in and pick up services. But our store is not big, so we recommend you to make a reservation in advance. If you use an online order, you can be informed of the food preparation time and enjoy it comfortably at home after pick up.


7235 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC V5E 3R7

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Sun – Sat : 11:00 am – 10:30pm

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